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About Course

ITIL® is the most widely used framework for IT service management. Currently in its third version, it describes the best methods to bring the IT services in line with the business requirements. ITIL® Service Lifecycle category of the ITIL® Intermediate level comprises of Continual Service Improvement (CSI) module as one of its qualifications. This module acquaints the individuals with the principles and techniques of continual service improvement stage without throwing light on the details of specific processes. Also, the CSI practices build the expertise of an individual to handle businesses and projects in such a way that they consistently meet and adapt to the changing needs of end users. Multisoft Virtual Academy's ITIL® Intermediate Continual Service Improvement training provides complete information on the technology and tools required to support the CSI activities. This in turn allows individuals to identify the success and evaluate the risk factors associated with it. The main focus of this training module along with the associated exam and certificate is to impart, test, and authenticate the knowledge on best industry practices in service management as acknowledged in the ITIL® Continual Service Improvement publication.

After the successful completion of the ITIL® CSI training, candidates will be able to:

• Explain continual service improvement

• Define the principles and processes of continual service improvement

• Describe continual service improvement techniques and methods

• Understand the policies for challenges, risk factors and CSFs.

• Implement continual service improvement The ITIL® Continual Service Improvement module is worth three credits that further help to qualify for advanced levels, including 'Managing Across the Lifecycle'. Also, the CSI module is one of the prerequisites for individuals aiming for the ITIL® Expert and Master levels in IT Service Management.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals with a certain number of credits from Foundation and Practitioner level of ITIL ® qualification scheme

Professionals working as Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Service Designers, IT Architects, IT Planners, IT Consultants, IT Audit Managers and ITSM® (IT Service Management) Trainers etc.

ITIL® Foundation certified candidates aiming for higher levels in ITIL®

To prepare for ITIL® Intermediate Certification, participants must meet the following requirements: Attended training from an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) such as careermaker Hold the ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certificate or the ITIL® v2 Foundation plus Bridge certificate 2-4 years of professional working experience in IT Service Management is highly desirable

Course Preview:

Continual Service Improvement & Organizational Change

  • Ownership
  • Continual Service Improvement Register
  • Continual Service Improvement & Service Level Management
  • Deming Cycle
  • Service Measurement
  • Continual Service Improvement & Knowledge Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Role of Governance in Continual Service Improvement
  • Other frameworks, models and standards

    FAQ :

    CSI, i.e. Continual Service Improvement module falls under the Service Lifecycle of ITIL® Intermediate Level. CSI is used to identify the correct metrics out of big amount of data for which monitoring is needed.

    There are various purposes of using ITIL ® CSI. Take a look at them below:

    To support the business with IT services, continually in response to changing business needs

    To include all processes, management, 3rd party suppliers

    To seek ways to improve service effectiveness, process effectiveness and cost effectiveness

    Below mentioned are the topics covered under CSI module:

    Service management as a practice and CSI principles, purpose, and objective

    How all CSI processes interact with other service lifecycle processes

    Sub-processes, activities, methods, and functions used in each of the CSI processes

    Roles and responsibilities within CSI and the activities and functions to achieve operational excellence

    How to measure CSI performance

    Technology and implementation requirements in support of CSI

    Challenges, key performance indicators (KPIs), critical success factors (CSFs), and risks related with CSI

    CSI is based on a 7-step process cycle that helps to collect and use data for getting further benefits from it. Below mentioned are the processes on which CSI module works:

    Identifying the strategy for improvement

    Defining metrics

    Gathering data

    Processing data

    Analyzing data

    Using the data for improvement decisions

    Implementing improvements Visit the official website of Axelos to get the details about all processes and activities of ITIL® Service Design.

    The major objectives can be explained as: ensuring correct and ample measurements are collected from processes

    recommending improvement opportunities by reviewing and analyzing measurements from processes

    reviewing service level achievements by comparing to SLA (Service Level Agreement)

    improving the cost effectiveness and efficiency of IT service without affecting the quality

    ITIL® CSI has a wide scope when it comes to implementing it for improvising an organization's performance. ITIL® CSI covers the following:

    all aspects of the service lifecycle, from strategy through design, transition, and operation

    overall health of IT service management

    alignment of IT services to business development by measuring values of CSI and conducting customer satisfaction survey

    maturity and capability of the organization and people by carrying out maturity assessments and compliance audit

    continual improvement of all aspects

    There are a lot of misconceptions about ITIL®. Read on ITIL® Myths & Misconceptions to know the real essence of ITIL® for a professional and an organization.

    Yes! We do provide a course completion certificate after you successfully complete the training program from Multisoft Virtual Academy.

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    After completing the ITIL® Intermediate Continual Service Improvement training, candidates are eligible to appear for the Continual Service Improvement Examination by AXELOS®, Global Partner Programme.